2017 Total Solar Eclipse From Oregon

Our Eclipse Viewing Group

We viewed the eclipse from a vineyard near Terrebonne, Oregon.  Family and friends travelled from Canada, California, and Washington to the path of totality.  A very nice and relaxing spot to view this spectacular event.

Telescope fitted with a solar filter for viewing the eclipse

We set up a telescope with a solar filter for viewing the eclipse.  Many people came by for views through the telescope. This 76 mm refractor gave very nice views of the partial phases of the eclipse.

Everybody has their eclipse glasses on

Solar glasses gave everyone views of the partial phases.  

Preparing to photograph totality

My photographic setup for the eclipse.  I used a Canon T5i camera and a 200mm lens with 1.4X extender.  The camera tracked the sun using an iOptron SkyGuider Pro mount. I took exposures every 10 minutes during the partial phases.  During totality, the camera control software was programmed to take 18 exposures of varying duration.  This allowed me to simply watch.

The daylight becomes dimmer, the tempurature dropped

Everyone noticed the dimming light and cooling temperature as the eclipse progressed. In the distance we could see the smoke from wildfires, but the skies were blue overhead at our location.


Just as the last sliver of sun disappeared we saw the diamond ring and we took off the solar glasses to watch totality!

Sequence of eclipse images

Exposures of the partial eclipse and totality taken with the 200mm lens and 1.4X extender.  

Coronal Streamers during totality

This image is a combination of 8 exposures ranging from 1/500 second to 1/2 second.  Taken with a Canon 200mm lens with 1.4X extender.  

When is the next eclipse!

Everyone was asking about the next total solar eclipse!